YOGA, originated in India, is a physical mental and spiritual practice. There is a variety of practices, schools and goals.

In Vedic Sanskrit, YOGA means “to unite”, “to join” or “to add” in its literal sense. There are many compound words containing YOGA in Sanskrit and it can take on different meanings, but simply means “combined”or “integration”. It is about the connection between us and ourselves, each other and our environment

For me YOGA is a way to explore my mind and body, to love and connect with myself and other beings, to be present and to live.

You have to find which style of yoga suits you best. There are many different styles of YOGA you can practice, however I believe you should take whatever element of each practice you feel is right for you. This could change each day and even over the course of the day. For me, vinyasa yoga is perfect to start the day, but in the evening I prefer a more slow and intense  yin practice.


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