For the last couple years I have delved deeper into my yoga practice, trying everyday to take some time and practice, even if it is only 10 minutes. But in all honesty, I have not taken the steps to meditating yet. At the moment, the closest I get to meditating is, during my yoga practice, while sitting outside listening to the sounds in nature, the moments of silence before I get out of bed and colouring. Colouring books or even just doodling is surprisingly soothing and calming to the mind. Not thinking of anything just mindless (or should I say mindful) colouring.

Some of my favourite colouring books are:

Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom

Enchanted Forest 


Secret Garden

When I feel more creative, I love to use water colours as they have a mind of their own. The result is always different and I can not predict how the colours will make their way on the paper. Here are some recent pieces, all using Winsor & Newton water colours:jhkjhjkBestand 07-05-15 11 12 25 1


Foto 13-05-16 12 54 05 1

What do you do when you want to slow down?


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