When going to your first Hot yoga or Bikram class there are a few things you should now, like how and when to eat and drink. This post will go into which type of clothing you should or should not wear, this varies a bit from person to person but here is some basic advice:


DON’T | baggy clothes

Although baggy clothes give the impressions that you are able to move freely, but when you are drenched in sweat within 10 minutes they become very heavy and can actually hinder you in you practice. Oversized tops especially will fall forward during downward poses. Instead wear form fitting clothing.

DO | form fitting clothing

Think cropped tights, shorts, tank tops, sport bras (my favourite are Nike’s Dri-FIT). These won’t soak up as much sweat and let you move easily trough the poses. I suggest short tights, but if you are not comfortable with this or have trouble doing arm balances when your legs are sweaty, longer leggings do fine as well, as long as they are actually tight. For men I can’t speak of my own experience, but usually they go shirtless with shorts. Important is to wear a compression garment or undies under running shorts to prevent any awkward situations during class.

DON’T | cotton

100 % cotton clothes will absorb sweat very easily and become heavy and uncomfortable, rubbing on your skin. For the same reason, you should also avoid fleece sweats, they hold moisture and in result will slow you down. Instead look for clothes made of lighter materials containing Spandex.

DO | bring a towel

This is not for wiping the sweat during the class! Sweating is your body way of cooling down, wiping off this sweat will not only disrupt your practice but also encourages more sweat production. Instead put this towel on your yoga mat, so the sweat can drip on the towel and also help you get more grip when the yoga mat becomes to slippery from all the sweat.

DON’T | Makeup

You should not wear anything that will smear, move or melt under high temperature. But more important, makeup combined with sweat will clog your pores. On that note, also bring a hairband with you, so you can put your hair up. This is to prevent form covering the face and distracting you.

That’s all for now, if any of you have questions on hot yoga or other styles of yoga, don’t hesitate to comment.



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