HI gatsby

I can always count on GATSBY having the ability to brighten my mood. This little (or actually quite large) grey and fuzzy family member is perhaps the one that I miss the most when I leave home to go to uni. It is funny how you can have a connection with a being without even being able to “talk” to each other, just each others presence is enough. That is often also how I know that I am truly comfortable with a friend, when we can sit or be with each other comfortably and happy without having to or feeling the pressure to say a word. Just being together is already good enough. That is happiness.


And for the cat lovers, here are some more pictures of Gatsby

Foto 14-09-14 11 15 412013-09-30 17.08.31-2  2013-09-30 17.09.11 Foto 04-10-13 11 04 25 DSC_3585 Foto 08-11-15 12 19 49 DSC_3577 Foto 08-11-15 12 19 25 DSC_2108 Foto 08-11-15 12 18 57


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