Here is a small list of women that never fail to inspire me. The list is in reality much longer and I discover new interesting and beautiful people every single day, but I thought that I would just share a few with you as to maybe give you some inspiration.



ELISA GOODKIND & LILY MANDELBAUM  (mother and daughter)

One day I came by a video on youtube, called ‘Beauty Is a State of Being: Melanie Gaydos’ and I remember just being silent for a good couple of minutes, maybe even an hour, before I could do anything else. The video hit home real hard and made me think about myself and the way I view myself and my body. I won’t talk to much about the video, I suggest everyone go watch it for themselves. Anyway the video is part of a project by Elisa en Lily (thank you two so much for bringing these people, their videos into mine and others’ life), called What’s Underneath, where they try “to redefine beauty and to bust open the rigid and stagnant status quo”. Read more about them and their philosophy here.





Lily is one of the first people I followed on tumblr and instagram for that matter (now she has a youtube channel as well). Not only her sense of style, the plants, calming nature pictures, smoothies and satisfying white bed sheets (on which she more than often spills food on, but don’t we all when we eat in bed). She is a beautiful down to earth person, inspiring young people to love themselves and with that bringing beautiful content on the internet. Just when I though no one could love baked sweet potatoes more than me, she came with her daily sweet potato dinner with tahini and I knew I had fallen in love.

For mouthwateringly good-looking food, crisp white bed sheets, tropical plants and beautiful captions check out her instagram @whyoweyou and also her tumblr. She even has an ebook with not only some of the recipes shown on her instagram, but also her refreshing opinion on health, nutrition and dieting.




First of all she is a stunning girl, but that is not why she inspires me. For anyone struggling with anxiety, depressions, self harm and the likes, please go check out her posts, videos and also her resource page. She shows her vulnerability and imperfections, trying to help others not feeling so alone. If you are reading this Sjana, there are no words to describe how you helped me and probably many others in their journey to self acceptance, please keep doing what you are doing.




Lauren Toyota


She is know from television and Hot for Food, however my first introduction to her was when she started her youtube channel (which has grown immensely in a short amount of time). She might be one of the funniest, honest and relatable person I have found on youtube. From her what I eat in a day videos (which aren’t all perfect smoothie bowls and lemon waters like other food youtubers) and #asklauren, she can make me listen even to her almost 30 minutes long videos. If you are down, looking for vegan food inspiration (which isn’t a salad or a smoothie), bored or want to know more about beer, go check her out on youtube.




nude yoga girl


I have done a post on her before, but I had to mention her here as well. Her photographs are pieces of art, which she now sells as well here. Whenever I asked her a question on instagram or commented on one of her posts, she always takes the time to answer them. As beautiful as her photos are, as inspiring are the captions underneath, so next time you come across an instagram post from her, please take the time to read the caption.






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