HI feeling beautiful

True beauty and happiness comes from within. Feeling beautiful from the inside, letting it shine from within, is an amazing phenomenon. I notice that at some moments in my life I feel beautiful, not because I look “perfect” but just because I feel it.

I feel beautiful when I am practising yoga, moving, flowing with the rhythm of my own breath, without judging how I look, connecting my mind with my body.

I feel beautiful when I take a warm shower in the early morning, listening to music, letting the hot streams touch my body, nurturing it.

I feel beautiful when my cat is patiently waiting for me when I come downstairs in the morning, happy to see me, no matter how I look or feel, and starts purring, while rubbing against my leg.

I feel beautiful when I make someone else smile, grin or laugh, it is contagious.

I feel beautiful when wearing a new matching lingerie set underneath my clothes, without anyone knowing, just for myself and no one else.

I feel beautiful when walking in the grass with bare feet, feeling the green sprigs between my toes, the damp of the morning wetting my feet.

I feel beautiful when getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets, the clean white linen touching my body clothed in nothing more than underwear, sometimes a t-shirt, sometimes nothing.

When do you feel beautiful?


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