This is the first ever WE WILL, a series in which at the end of every week I will publish a post talking about the things that I have been Eating, Wearing, Inspired by, Listening to and Learning that week.


W  |  Watching | This Ted Talk by Zaria Forman, an artist creating large-scale compositions of phenomenons in nature. Floating icebergs, foaming waves and melting glaciers. In this talk she discusses the meditative process of artistic creation and the reason and motivation behind her work: “My drawings celebrate the beauty of what we all stand to lose, I hope they can serve as records of sublime landscapes in flux.” You can watch it on TedTalks or go to her website.


Image credit: Zaria Forman 


E  |  Eating  |  Yesterday I went to this place in Amsterdam, called SLA, which is an organic salad bar. Besides salads, they also serve soups, juices and delicious wholesome bread with humus. They have also a take-out option and have several locations in Amsterdam, Utrecht en Den Haag.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 17.35.02

W  |  Wearing  |  It has taken me a while to get on board the Birkenstocks trend, I always thought they were one of the least attractive shoes you could wear. However last year I tried one pair of the Birkenstocks Arizona Sandals and I was hooked. The last couple of months I have been more conscious of what clothing I buy and I decided that I do not what to buy clothing made with leather anymore. So I was happy to find that Birkenstocks sells the same sandals without leather, but instead made with a synthetic material that feels and looks like real leather. They came in the mail this week and they are perfect! If you decide to buy them, I would suggest to size down as they run a bit large. These are the ones I have now and wear almost every day.


I  |  Inspired by  |  I have been trying to get back into drawing and painting, especially since I have more free time now. However I always find it difficult to start, but once I get going, I can draw for hours on end. Sha’an d’Anthes (better known as furrylittlepeach) has been such an inspiration, I only have to look at her instagram or her tumblr and I get excited to get my watercolours and just start painting. Not so long ago she also started a youtube channel and now I am even more in love with her, she is just really funny, cute and down to earth, while creating beautiful illustrations. I especially love her cactus collection.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 18.05.44


L  |  Listening to |  Ever since I saw this video on Youtube I have been waiting for Maggie Rogers to release her song Alaska. Couple of weeks ago she finally released it on Soundcloud (listen to it here) and I am completely addicted to it, listening to the song when I can. I still have to find the right way to describe it, as the song is nothing like any I have heard before. Please let me now what you think of it.


L  |  learning  |  As an architecture student it is useful to learn some programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Revit, Indesign etc. The last couple of days I have spent my free time watching tutorials like these, to improve my Illustrator skills. Next week I would really like to start with Autocad, as many people use it to make their technical drawings. If any of you know a good tutorial, website or something of that nature, please let me know.



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