In these days, with social media playing a big role in most lives, it is hard not to compare yourself with the people you see on instagram, tumblr, youtube, etc. Most people, myself included, have at least once compared their life, their body, their wealth to the life, body or wealth of someone online. We think that they are more beautiful, look fitter, have more money, travel to more exotic locations or whatever. As I said before, this is hard not to do, but it is important to try not to compare yourself, for your own happiness and well-being.

One of the things you could do, is to unfollow anyone (on instagram, tumblr, youtube, …) that make you feel unhappy about yourself, your body or your life. If you find that whenever this person posts a picture or video, you instantly feel worse about yourself, then stop following them.

Instead spend more time living your own life. Do the things that you like doing, that make you happy. Focus on the people in your life that inspire you, instead of those that bring you down. Find something you are genuinely interested in, and do it every single day.

You can follow people on social media who focus on inner beauty, on self-love or inspire you, that stimulate you to pursue your own dreams and hobbies without being competitive. People who make you feel excited to do things in your own life, to be a better person, to follow your passions.

Above all, try to love yourself unconditionally! Every morning tell yourself that you are loved and that you are a beautiful person because of you, with all your flaws and imperfections, you are you, and you are beautiful just the way you are, no matter what. You deserve to be happy and be yourself. Don’t blame other people for how you feel about yourself, you are in control of how you feel and you can choose every day to love yourself and not to be obsessed with other people.

Choose to love yourself, everyday, every minute, every second just because you are you.


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