Maddalena, a beautiful Island, north of Sardegna. After spending a couple of days in the Apennines, we made our way to Rome. Here we spend only two days, as it was very crowded, but still managed to visit some of the beautiful architecture and taste a good array of Italian delicacies. Soon we headed to Fiumicino, from where we took the ferry to Olbia, Sardegna, and another ferry from Palau to La Maddalena. La Maddalena (south of Isola Maddalena) itself is quite busy, however if you head north to Porto Massimo, you will find more nature and quietness. Here we stayed a few days, exploring Maddalena and the smaller islands around it. I can highly recommend renting a boat for a day or two, as this is the best way to discover new places and the incredible sea life. Snorkelling for me, is the closest I could ever get to the feeling of flying, the weightlessness when you are underwater, the blue liquid surrounding you.

IMG_9849-edited IMG_9861-edited IMG_9888-edited IMG_9890-edited IMG_9894-edited IMG_9898-edited IMG_9899-edited IMG_9902-edited IMG_9924-edited IMG_9917-edited IMG_9947-edited



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