Last week I moved into my new room, in which I will be staying for the rest of my bachelor. And with each new room, you have the opportunity to completely redesign your interior, choose what to put where and also what to hang on your walls. I am a very visual person and love making mood boards, for inspiration, as an art piece and just because I find them beautiful. So of course, just as in my previous room, I took a whole morning to create a mood board on one of my walls, a process as enjoyable as the end result! If any of you are interested in how I go about creating these “mood walls” and my tips, please let me know, I would be happy to do a separate post. Here a small sneak peek of my current mood board:


img_0797 img_0776 img_0787 img_0775 img_0773img_0777 img_0784 img_0779 img_0780


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