Whenever we start something new, or change our course, we often speak of starting over. But starting over, indicates that whatever you did previously wasn’t right and you have to clean the slate and forget everything you did before and “start over”. Why is this necessary? Why do we feel like to begin something new, we have to erase everything that happened before.

I thought I had to start over multiple times, especially when I regretted something I had done in the past or felt like I made a mistake. But now I realise, that those mistakes, those things I did in the past, the things I tried and failed at, are exactly the things that lead me to who I am today, to what I am doing today and to what I want to do next. So is it really a mistake then? Did I really fail? No.

I just tested, tried different things out and found out that this us not for me, so I could move on to the next, learning all the way. I discovered, I explored and I lived. Isn’t that what counts?

So now, I’m beginning again, adding to all the other new beginnings I have made in my life, small and big. I’m being open once more to whatever life brings me and I’m curious to where it will lead me.


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