Stop living in the past, in the future, start practising awareness in the present moment.


Hi my name is Hadewych and I am an architecture student with a passion for traveling, yoga and design. In my past I have struggled with self image and living life in the present, to a point that not only physically but also mentally I wasn’t at a good place. One day I decided to try a yoga class, which set in motion a journey to self love and awareness, completely changing my relation between body and mind. After a year of practising yoga, I got my father on board as well. At the time he had some experience with meditation, but he found yoga to be the missing element that took his own journey to the next level.

To this day we practise yoga together twice in most weeks week, and the other days I try to at least slow down once a day and take a moment of deep conscious breathing. However I found that I am more present throughout the day, being more conscious of my mind and body, even when not being on the mat.

With yoga came the awareness of my mental and physical healthy, my mind and body.

I hope with this blog to inspire you, through my spiritual and physical travels, to maybe try yoga and start a journey of your own, to help you become healthy and happy, inside and out.